Arch. Richelle Singson-Michael is an architect by profession, leading her architecture firm, R.S.Michael Architecture. She received her Bachelor's degree as a scholar from the University of the Philippines.
Aside from serving her passion in the arts and engineering as an architect, she stands as the Chief Executive Officer of Platinum Skies Aviation, Inc. which she conceptualized and executed together with her operations team.
She leads this together with several other projects in the Aviation industry such as Aircraft Leasing, Private Jet Hangarage, and soon a Flying School. Her basic training as a student pilot keeps her active in the ever-evolving industry.
Further, she practices her business mind and leadership skills by structuring deals such as the up and coming Miss Universe Philippines 2017 and by leading start-up investments such as (a local uber-like transportation system), an online financing program, as well as several real estate development and hospitality projects.